Best 15 Questions and Answers Before Choosing the Best Mattress

If you have a plan to move into a new house and need to invest a new mattress for your bedroom or you have to decide in changing your old mattresses with the new one, here are best 15 questions and answers before choosing the best mattress that will be useful for you:

1. What to buy?

Consumers looking fabrics or upholstery in natural fibers have an incentive to think twice before paying for cotton, silk or wool: the amount that is in the mattress often negligible. The warning also applies to the layers of latex or memory foam too thin to make a difference. To reduce the problems of sagging, avoid mattresses with quilted super-stuffed with polyester fiber and low density foams and choose an area where you do not push yourself too much. Look padding foams with a density of about 2 lb/ft3. Given that neither manufacturers nor retailers are putting forward this quality criterion, however the crucial is maybe the repeated requests of consumers will encourage them to reconsider their choice. Manufacturers have told us that the foam covering the springs lasts as long as the warranty of the mattress; so do not hesitate to enforce it if you find the comfort of your mattress is not what it was premature to the requirement to be free from defects in manufacturing and present in sufficient numbers, the spring should provide adequate support. For a large format two places (queen, looking at least 500 springs.

2. Where to go?

We can visit many online home accessories shops or furniture stores during our investigation: Brault & Martineau, Brick, Domon, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, The Bay, Linen Chest, The Lions furniture, Sears, and in some cases, several branches of the same chain. Mattress Firm Inc, which does not adopt the questionable tactics of its competitors, comes off the lot. In addition, unlike most others, this retailer is aware of the characteristics of the mattress. Moreover, some independent manufacturers who make and sell mattresses directly to consumers, can show you the materials they use and you explain the features. Ask them to certify you on paper density foam they use, ideally, it will be about 2 lb/ft3.

3. What price to pay?

Ignore bait mattress $ 500 or less: the quality is not really to go! Any other are in sets of more than $ 2,000, their characteristics and construction defects that we have found show that they are not worth their price. A set sold about $ 1000 should be enough for your needs.

4. Can we compare the mattress according to their degree of firmness?

No. The feeling you get on the mat “semi-firm” a manufacturer may be similar to what you will experience the “soft” competitor’s mattress. These statements are based on the characteristics of springs and foam padding. The criteria to qualify a firm mattress, plush or semi-firm differ from one manufacturer to another.

5. More mattresses are firm, is it best for the back?

Wrong. People who sleep on their back should ensure that their lower back is pressed against the mattress. To do this, place your hand at this point to see if there was a hollow, preferably, it should be minimal. If you sleep on your side, your weight is based primarily on your shoulders and hips, make sure your spine is aligned.

6. What is an ecological mattress?

Polyurethane foam and flame retardants can be harmful to health and the environment … The alternatives are beginning to appear on the European market. Indeed, some mattresses, built with sustainable materials and gentle for the environment, are an Eco-label. To earn the logo, they are subjected to rigorous testing for durability and certified by independent environmental quality. These mattresses also reduce the risk of allergies.

7. What is “one sided mattress”?

According to the manufacturers, the majority of today’s mattress should not be returned, simply rotate them every three to six months. This is a task for us … less and savings for them, since they do not have to cover or to stuff the mattress in the same way on both sides. In stock, you simply lift to see.

8. Some mattresses offer different comfort zones. Is that possible?

Several methods are used: some manufacturers are firmer springs there where weight is the most important, is the height of the pelvis and shoulders. Other double steel wire spring or foam up with more or less firm.

9. What is the guarantee of comfort?

Retailers provide a trial period of 30 to 90 days after which you can exchange your mattress against another if it does not suit you. Where are the mattresses used? Many end up in liquidation centers retailers.

10. Will it be flammability standards?

A new standard in this regard will come into force in July in the United States. In Canada, the current standard is to ensure that the mattresses are resistant to cigarette burns. The new American Standard will go further by requiring that mattresses are also resistant to open flames, such as matches, lighters and candles. Health Canada is currently working on a similar standard whose adoption is scheduled for spring 2009.

11. What do you do with old mattresses?

Most of those retailers resume when you buy a new one is thrown into the sites landfill; it is also the case of those that you put on the street with garbage. Others are left to collectors who sell certain items such as springs or overhaul to give them a second life.

12. My spouse and you do not have the same needs.

What to do if some mattresses have a different degree of firmness in each half of the bed. There are also air mattresses each half of which can be inflated separately. These are marginal products that sell for $ 2700.

13. How to check the mattress store that does the trick?

Although it is annoying to lie on a mattress in public, it is still the only way to whether you should. To avoid confusion, or adopt the positions you take to sleep. Close your eyes relax and let your body talk to you. Take your time. It’s like tasting food: you have to trust you, you will know quickly whether you like it or not.

14. How long a mattress should be?

The current average is about 12 years, according to industry surveys. Moreover, one of the stated goals of the Canadian Council for better sleep is to “shorten the buying cycle mattress” by consumers, that is to say, to buy them more often.

15. What about a 25 year warranty?

It applies to manufacturing defects, which in any case will soon be apparent. No warranty “fingerprints body.” Thus, it does not give much to have such a long warranty. In addition, tissue collection being pale colors generally better to use a waterproof mattress covers, because stains invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

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