3 Parts of Living Room Design Ideas Your Option

The living room is the heart of your home. When the living room has been designed properly, then you can consider yourself lucky. But, if you are searching for some living room design ideas, then go ahead and read them.

Given below are a few living room design ideas which you might want to be implemented in your home. There are 3 parts of living room design ideas you can opt: lighting, color schemes, and furnishing.

Living Room Design Ideas

1. Lighting

The lighting is the first part of living room design ideas. It is an important part of your living room. Lighting is based on natural and artificial.

Natural lighting is the sunlight. When you are from a hot area, then you would want to make use of the sunlight.

The curtains have to be selected in the right manner. If you are very particular about your privacy, then you can choose curtains that are made from thick material.


Artificial lighting is the lighting that you have installed in your home. It is a good idea to go in with chandeliers in your living room. Though chandeliers are expensive, they provide your living room, with an exquisite look.

You can also have one or two pendant lighting, if your living room is large. Both the day and night lighting has to be balanced.

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors for any living room. So, make sure that you don’t compromise on your living room lighting. You are also recommended to read interior magazines so you’ll get living room design ideas that match you and your family.

2. Color scheme

The second part of living room design ideas is color scheme. The color scheme that you implement in your living room will have a huge say on the looks of your living room.

When you are selecting a light colored concept for your living room, then you might want to go with it. When you are choosing a dark colored concept for your living room, then it is best to opt for it.

When you choose light color for your living room makes it look airy and big. If you select a dark color for your living room, then it gives it the perfect shape.

If your living room is large, then it is alright to go in for dark color. When your living room is small in size, then it is best to go in for a light colored concept.

3. Furnishing

The last option of living room design ideas is furnishing. The furnishing refers to the furniture and accessories that you install in your living room.

That depends on the kind of living room you want. Before you make that decision, you would want to consult with your family members on what living room design ideas they want, what they are expecting from the living room. After all, they will be spending time there.

Classic living room design ideas: If you want a living room that is classic, then you might want to make use of wooden flavors inside it. You can make use of classic furniture, a vintage clock, a classical TV set, and the like.

When you want your living room to be modern, then you should choose contemporary furnishings.

Contemporary furnishing refers to sofa set, a cupboard that is placed in the middle of your living room. The cupboard should be able to contain all your electronic gadgets and appliances.

Depending on your style and taste you would want to proceed with the furnishings that you want inside your home.

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